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ATTENTION ALL WOMEN….. Weights make you bulky!

ATTENTION ALL WOMEN….. Weights make you bulky!


This is a drum that a lot of the industry bang quite often nowadays, but still a vast amount of women have the misconception that weights will make them look like muscle bound wrestlers of some sort. This is strictly not true, for a multitude of reasons, reasons I will go into at a later date. However this post is to notice the hard work of our client Stefie, and congratulate her on her amazing transformation and exceptional hard work. Stefie signed up for a 12 week programme that consisted of 1-1 sessions, a home workout plan and a bespoke nutritional plan. The results speak for themselves.

“Since starting training at PTW I have now lost around 2 stone and I am really happy with the progress I have made.  I feel completely re-energised, motivated and confident.
In the past I have tried various different trainers/classes/methods etc etc but have never really achieved the results I was looking for which became very frustrating.  Following an initial consultation at PTW we discussed that this program would help me begin to feel better, as well as stronger and leaner, and that I would be able to move better too.  These were similar promises to those I had heard before but I agreed to trust and follow the program and see if it could really make a difference this time.
This program was different in that it consisted of Kettlebells and Barbells which Jason explained would help me to lose body fat as well as develop lean muscle. This in turn would help my body to burn fat stores more efficiently even when I had stopped training for the day.  I began to follow a 12 week strength cycle and soon started to see results, I became toned, strong and lean.  I also finally began to feel in control of my health and well-being, and my energy levels have gone through the roof – I have never felt better!
During sessions I never felt embarrassed, but encouraged throughout.  As well as this I felt motivated to stick to the program even when I was not having a session at the gym.  I followed a home work out plan which allowed me to supplement my sessions using Kettlebells which was easy to follow, and was a fun and effective way to train. The support was 24/7 which ensured I stayed on track when away from the gym and his included the nutrition side of things.  The nutrition plan was also easy to follow, healthy and sensible (there were no silly shakes involved, just natural foods) and this left with me much more energy too.
Because of this, even following just a 12 week program has given me knowledge that I will be able to maintain these results for life.”

Well done Stefie! 

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