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Train at home with our online fitness programme

Train at your own pace from the comfort of home

You don’t have to go to the gym to get in shape

Achieve your fitness goals at home, with our online training programme

We’ve taken our proven fitness programme online

Our online fitness package includes:


Train when you want, how you want


A steadily progressing video workout regime


Nutrition plan and bundle packs


Regular workout updates

Why Go Online

The benefits of online vs 1-2-1 training


The results you desire for a fraction of the price

The average cost of 1-2-1 training ranges from £40-£90 per hour and above in the UK. PTW Online Personal Training is just £99 per month. No Long Term Contracts.


Training that works around you and your schedule

PTW Online Personal Training works around you, your schedule and your commitments. Train in the privacy of your own home, at the gym, in the park – whenever and wherever you like! What works for you, works!


Full communication, regular reviews and check-ins

Being online, it’s easy to review and track by both yourself and me, your coach. Logically acting upon meaningful data brings about amazing results!


My goal has always been to help as many people as possible to realize the eminently achievable goal of significantly lowered body fat and pleasing muscle shape and definition.

It is my mission to spread the gospel of how to really train for results that actually shout to the world “I work out, and I work out unconventionally!” I appreciate that working 1-2-1 in the studio isn’t always possible, practical or even affordable.

Because of the results that I am known for, my diary is generally booked up each week at the Studio.

But, it’s my goal to help as many people achieve optimum health allowing them to lead the live they deserve to lead which is why I have put together this home-based personal training program.

This will allow many more people the chance to benefit from the knowledge I have developed at Personal Trainer Wirral.

My online training programme is bespoke that gives you direct access to me, my unconventional training methods, my preferred eating plans that I use myself both with myself and with my clients in the PTW studio.

There are no gimmicks and certainly no fads. Instead I use tried and tested methods that, with your hard work and a sprinkle of my ingenuity, will get you the results you are looking for.

I should mention that I don’t expect the impossible from my clients, but I do expect 100% commitment. I bring 100% focus and commitment to each and every client I work with and I know if I get that same level of commitment back in return, then magic happens!

How online training works

The PTW online training process

We start with your questionnaire

To create the perfect training for you, I need to understand:

  • Your starting point
  • What your goals are
  • What your current schedule, commitments, injuries, training experience and available equipment is.

The best plan is always the one that works best for YOU!

I create your initial plan

Once I know your starting point and your destination (your goals) I can now get to work to build out your route map (your initial workout plan) which is tailored for your specific requirements, your goals and your schedule.

I am here to support you every step of the way, but more so in this beginning stage, as you learn and begin to grow.

I also begin reviewing your current eating habits, ahead of providing a tailored nutritional plan, help and advice.

We review and adjust

Despite what some Personal Trainers may tell you, it’s not a ‘One Size Fits All’ thing when it comes to you achieving your fitness goals!

We are all unique! We have different things we like and dislike, different strengths and weaknesses, different wants and desires!

I will push you, but I will push you where you want to go, in a way you want to be pushed!

We celebrate your success

You’ve asked for my support to help you get results, & results you will get! And the best part?

You will do it in a healthy, fun & life changing way! You won’t have taken magic pills, eaten meals from a packet 5 times a day, or starved your body!

AND, you will now have all the tools, knowledge & confidence to sustain your amazing new body and life.

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The Bulgarian Bag Spin

The Unconventional Circuit

The Kettlebell Swing

FAQ Section

Can I participate in online personal training from anywhere?

Yes – absolutely! One of the many amazing things about the PTW online training program is that you can effectively take the training app anywhere you want which has a WIFI/data signal. This allows you to train anywhere – be it in your home, your work, on holiday, in your local gym or even at the local park. For the majority of my programs, I recommend a minimum of a basic equipment but this can be catered around your requirements and available equipment.

How long will it take me to achieve my goals?

Everyone is different and your results will be based upon your level of commitment, your own personal goals, and body composition, but no matter where you are in your current fitness level, I guarantee that you will get results if you stick to the plans and follow the advice I provide. My plans and packages are always designed to get you the results you desire in the shortest time possible, but to also maintain and sustain these results. Many clients will see positive results within a month, however, three months is a more realistic time-frame and is how long most of my clients take to achieve their goal.

What guarantees do I have of getting the desired results I want?

Whilst I will provide you with all the training plans, tools and full support to fulfil your goals, the outcome ultimately depends on your desire to achieve them. You must work hard, be fully committed and give it your all. If you do this, I will provide the expertise and assistance that when combined will guarantee results. I will be on hand to provide you the support or advice you need through the PTW training app and website. Are you ready to do great things?

What are the benefits of online personal training over using a personal trainer at my local gym?

The main benefit is affordability. My programs are much more cost effective than paying a personal trainer between £40-£90 per hour for a session. Developed from 17+ years of experience, my programs can be completed any time and any place. The training program is accompanied by nutrition tips, advice and motivation which I am confident will gain you results above and beyond what would be achieved via one-on-one sessions a couple of times a week.

Do I have to pay extra for the PTW mobile app?

Absolutely not. The PTW mobile application is an integrated client and communication management software program to which I have invested in to deliver my online training clients the highest level of program and connection services. All clients are advised to download the app as it will be the easiest and best method for measurement tracking, program design, calendar, communication and statistics. The app is available in both the Apple and Google stores – links are provided upon starting a program.

What if I don’t have or want membership to a gym?

This is not a problem. Another benefit of working with PTW is my adaptability to your resources and lifestyle, whether they be fixed or ever changing. I am specially equipped to design programs to work with individuals that regularly travel, have busy working schedules or who simply don’t want to join a gym or fitness centre. Obviously, gym memberships offer a wide range of equipment and flexibility, but equally we can design successful training programs without this. During the questionnaire/consultation I will establish what equipment you have access to and create your program with this in mind. I would always encourage clients to make modest investments in resistance bands, stability balls or other tools that will add benefits to and accelerate reaching your potential, but I will work around any barriers presented.

I’m a client, may I post my workout videos or photos to the PTW Facebook and Instagram?

Absolutely – we’d love you to share your PTW fitness journey with your family, friends and colleagues on social media. And better still why not add the #personaltrainerwirral hashtag or https://www.personaltrainerwirral.com/ website link.

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