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Real World Strength

Real World Strength

Every PT/Strength coach wants nothing more than results for their clients. Whether it be for improved fitness so they can handle their day to day activities or increased strength, movement and mobility.

My attitude to my clients has always been to be able to handle real world situations and the hard and testing times the universe often throws at us. I tell all of my clients it’s not worth being strong in the gym if that doesn’t carry over outside.

At Personal Trainer Wirral, I call this “real world strength”. Having real world strength often relates to having not only a strong body but also being strong in the mind and this testimonial from my client Phil is no exception.

The majority of my clients have been with me for years (some over ten years), so it’s fair to say they are not only clients but they are also my friends. I have seen my clients go through some seriously tough times and as their coach it’s my job to guide them as best I can by building their mind, body and soul.

Phil’s story is something no parent would ever want to go through or experience. So these before and after pictures are more than just about weight loss and increased muscle, it’s about moving forward through difficult times and never forgetting.

If any of you generous folk follow the link at the end of Phil’s words, I know both Phil and Claire house would be very grateful for this.

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