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Optimum Body Mechanic – Week 7

Optimum Body Mechanic – Week 7

Optimum Body Mechanic – Week 7


Knee Pain!

“Knee issues present quite a good chunk of cases in clinic. A lot of the time the pain presents in the knee, but the cause is elsewhere.

The knee is primarily a hinge joint- it straightens and bends, like opening and closing a door. There is slight rotational and side flexion movements, SLIGHT. These are not the preferred movements of the knee.

Unfortunately, in a lot of people, the knee ends up doing these movements because they lack that movement elsewhere.

The whole body works as one unit with each area taking its share of the load. When there is an issue somewhere, a different area will work that bit harder to make up the difference.

Twisting your knee changing direction when playing sports with your mates?

Knee pain whilst spending a lot of time in heels?

Knee pain when doing squats in the gym or with your personal trainer?

These are some of the common issues I see in clinic and all involved imbalances in the leg.

If your ankles and hips cannot function correctly (these are highly mobile joints and both have the freedom to flex and extend, rotate and laterally flex/ adduct and abduct), the knee usually ends up doing them.

We’ll use the knees and squats example above. A lot of people squat with their knees. It’s a quicker and easier way to get up and down. The body then learns this movement over time and it becomes a habit. With no/light weight, it’s fine. As soon as there is substantial weight, it’s not so fine. The hips compared to the knee contain more and larger muscles that were designed to perform this function.

Squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, Turkish get ups, lunges are some excellent movements to work the hips more.

Twisting your knee? Could be the hips or the ankles. Likely the ankles, especially with poor choice footwear- heels, high tops, restrictive shoes, etc. If your ankles cannot move well, the knee will likely try and create that movement. Previous blog post covers the ankles in more detail.

Review your footwear choice and ensure they are suitable for the activity you are doing.

If you have had ankle issues in the past, however minor or major or hip issues, they may still need resolving. Even if it has been years since it happened or it’s appeared to be healed up.

Contact us for a free assessment to find out what is going on with your knee pain.

Don’t blame the knee. It’s just trying to do its best to help you move”


“Stay strong, stay healthy”

Team PTW