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Optimum Body Mechanic – Week 9

Optimum Body Mechanic – Week 9

Optimum Body Mechanic – Week 9


Another example of Venard’s weird and wonderful techniques:

Following the breadcrumbs….

“Had a lady, mid 60’s last week complaining of right knee pain.  She had seen various other professionals and therapists in the past and was referred to me by a Pilates teacher.  Structurally, it was sound, but pain was still there.  Had all the scans and nothing sinister.  The body doesn’t give you pain for no reason.  We sifted through her history and a very significant event in her childhood was, that she bumped the left side of her head on a pillar box as a child, somewhere around 10 years old.  We tested that area and it helped to relieve the symptoms of the right knee.  An injury that occurred around 50 years ago was STILL causing havoc within her body.  It locked her in a particular phase of gait and wouldn’t allow her to weight bear on that leg.

After correction work of the left side of her head, her right knee pain greatly reduced and was she very happy in weight bearing movements.  By correcting the left side of the head, it gave her her gait pattern back as both are (well should be) present in gait.

The solution to your issues are already within your body.  We at Optimum Body Mechanic look at things very differently.  We look at the body as a whole unit”

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“Stay strong, stay healthy”

Team PTW