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StongFirst Level 2 Certification

StongFirst Level 2 Certification

This past weekend saw the StrongFirst Level 2 take place in Chelmsford Essex, hosted by international strength coach Dan John.

This time round I had the honour to assist, rather than take the certification (I was fortunate enough to have Dan John as my team leader last year in Belfast!)

All candidates came well prepared and it showed when tested in the infamous snatch test, half body weight press, windmill, bent press and Turkish get up.

Dan John not only puts strength training in to perspective, but all aspects of life. His workshop on day 3 was full of golden nuggets and light bulb moments that will really help PTW and its clients. We can’t wait to apply all this information into our clients training programmes and help improve their strength, movement, mobility and so much more.

It’s time to set some goals guys, and as Dan says:
“Keep the goal, the goal”

“Stay strong, stay healthy”

Team PTW

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