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The ULTIMATE exercise!



Single Leg Overhead Bulgarian Split Squats

This exercise is an absolute monster and carries with it a list of benefits so long, that it should be in everybody’s training plan. ¬†One of the best exercises to lose weight (more specifically, body fat).

Unilateral exercises such as this are essential in any well structured training programme. It is very rare that anyone has exactly symmetrical bodies that function completely in sync therefore there are no imbalances, or anything to worry about, ever.

So, exercises like this are perfect

It will torch through calories and promote the building of lean muscle tissue.

With the added load overhead it requires great core stability, strong spinal erectors and a secure shoulder girdle to keep the load secure and over your centre of mass.

Add to that the need for good balance, muscular proprioception and sufficient flexibility in the hip flexors and quads, and you have yourself an absolute world of joyful pain, in one swift movement.

Add this to your warm up or include it in your main session, either way you will reap the benefits of such a demanding exercise in no time.

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Today I hit 3×15@20/30/35kg


“Stay strong, stay healthy”

Team PTW